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The Era of Good Feelings?

In this episode we examine the period known as the Era of Good Feelings, the events of James Monroe’s presidency, and the chaos of the election of 1824. The collapse o...

A Tale of Two Wars

In this episode we examine the war of 1812, and the war of Tecumseh’s confederacy and the differences in the United States’ role in both conflicts.

The First Party System: or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Partisanship

In this episode we look at the development of the first party system, and the presidencies of John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. Disclaimer: this episode contains discus...

Our First President

In this episode we look at the biography of George Washington, and the politics of his administration.

A Union of Disunion

In this episode we look into the history of the early United States under the articles of confederation, and the drafting of the Constitution.

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